A.D. Pirous Indonesian, b. 1932

Born in Meulaboh, Nanggro Aceh Darussalam, in March 11, 1932, AD Pirous is one Indonesia’s most senior artists that is still living today. Together with M. Sadali, Mochtar Apin, and But Mochtar, Pirous is one of the fathers of Indonesian abstract art. Since the early 1970s, Pirous has created strongly-stated, bold geometric images in dazzling colours, often highlighted with gold leaf and brilliant turquoise. Pirous is regarded as a pioneer in melding Western abstraction with traditional Islamic forms and themes, notably Koranic calligraphy, which portrays Koranic verses. Through his painting, Pirous portrays Arabic calligraphy that has religious messages from an ancient period which is still relevant today and the future time.