Ines Katamso Indonesian French, b. 1990


Ines Katamso is an Indonesian-French painter based in Bali. After studying art and design in France, Ines was drawn back to her homeland, where she currently works as an artist and visual designer under her studio named Atelier Seni. Upon returning to the island, she initiated her artistic journey by creating commissioned murals before gradually transitioning to more intimate scales and subject matter.


Through her artworks, Ines explores themes related to biology, microbiology, and astrophysics. She is also dedicated to making her creation process more environmentally sustainable, from her choices of materials to exploring cutting and splicing into her artworks. Ines' paintings references the micro-organics that are fragile and essential to our life. By zooming in and depicting them in a larger-than-life format, she would like to remind us of the importance of these microscopic mechanisms that exist within  nature.