Convocation: Art Moments Jakarta 2022

4 - 6 November 2022
ISA Art and Design is proud to present Convocation, a group exhibition of selected artists as part of our exhibition lineup for the fifth edition of Art Moments Jakarta. Featuring artworks from Ardi Gunawan, A. Sebastianus, Condro Prioyaji, Galih Adika, Hadassah Emmrich, Ines Katamso, Jumaadi, Luh Gede, Sinta Tantra, Vienasty, Yogie Ginanjar, Yosefa Aulia, and Yuki Nakayama that will be exhibited at Sheraton Grand Jakarta Hotel.
Today, after more than a century of electrical technology, we have extended our central nervous system itself in a global embrace1.  "our new technology" is to wide ranged. There’s also  new  technology  in  industry  which  are  an  extension  of  our  body.  We  now  see  all technology including language, as a means of processing experience, a means of storing and speeding  up  information.  Technology  is  the  new  form  of  surrealism.  Many  of  today's technologies enable us to go beyond our physical boundaries and connect to a new limitless universe, thus dreaming is no longer the only way to enter the surreal world.
The title of the exhibition, “Convocation”, has the literal meaning of an assembly of people called together to a meeting. Convocation represents the collection of artists from different cultures and stories in one exhibition. Their diverse backgrounds and artistic practices offer a broad range of perspectives and opinions that come together to create a dynamic that can be  the  basis  for  complementary  discussions  that  can  be  shared  in  society.  Through Convocation,  the  artists  explore  the  fluid  concept  that  correlates  with  contemporary surrealism and everyday life from the various narratives based on their backgrounds and understandings.