Alexander Sebastianus Indonesian, b. 1995


Alexander Sebastianus Hartanto perceives ethnographic research as an immersive way of life. His artworks delve into the decontextualization of material cultures, probing how they are perceived, understood, and ritualized in practice. For Sebastianus, decolonizing the ontologies of art involves reclaiming Sani—a lifestyle encompassing offerings, service, and the pursuit of the unknown. This approach leads to the recreation of pilgrimages, sacred spaces, and woven cloths, some of which may or may not be archived, documented, or shared. In the realm of Sani, what remains are remnants and traces of materials.


Hartanto received the prestigious 2017 William Daley Award for Excellence in Art History and Craft. He attained mastery in weaving through an apprenticeship in East Java, his grandmother's hometown, serving as the starting point for his visual and ontological explorations.