Butterfly Eyes: Ines Katamso and Alexander Sebastianus at Tang Contemporary Art, Bangkok

22 June - 11 August 2024

Ines Katamso and Alexander Sebastianus along with four other artists Berbrain, Panchat Yodmanee, Tos Suntos, Xiuching Tsay are prominently featured in the group exhibition 'Butterfly Eyes'  in Tang Contemporary Art Bangkok. In this showcase, Ines Katamso's artistic practice delicately navigates the intersection of culture and nature, probing the essence of equilibrium within them. Her process unfolds from the microscopic realm of microbial dynamics to the broader scope of bio-historical analysis, delving into the evolution of belief systems and mythology. Complementing this, Sebastianus showcases his mastery in both modern photography and the traditional Javanese batik technique, seamlessly blending the two to craft artworks that serve as meditative conduits. Through innovative fusion, his creations offer viewers a space for contemplation, weaving together layers of memory to construct a cosmological tapestry that invites introspection and engagement.

Installation Views