ISA Art & Design believes in empowering female artists through giving space, exposure, and market support. With our thorough understanding of the art market, we are determined to change the stigma against collecting artworks by young female artists.


Actively representing interdisciplinary and new media artworks, we contribute to the creation of a thriving art market for non-traditional mediums. We are doing so because artists should not have to limit their medium of creation or compromise the integrity of their artworks over bread-and-butter concerns.


We advocate for Personalized Collection. In our definition, to collect is to express yourself, what you believe in, and what you stand for; that it is just as much a creative activity than it is an investment. We stand by the act of collecting as a form of support based on personal resonance between artists and their audiences.


For the reasons above, we also believe in presenting and diligently supporting the secondary market. Secondary market artworks, being collected previously, is a pre-curated selection of the best of its era, tested through time. The secondary market also contains artworks from specific times in history, encompassing the zeitgeist of its contemporary. 


In representing both the first and secondary market, we are providing a form of longer-lasting support for artists. ISA Art & Design aims to provide variation and flexibility in the art scene, through our activity in public art projects and curated exhibitions, connecting artists, art audience, and the public at large.