Ritme: Islamic Art Exhibition

27 March - 28 July 2023
Jakarta Land presents "Ritme," The concept of the Ritme exhibition is centered around the idea of rhythm and its various manifestations in art. Rhythm is a fundamental element of music, formed by a sequence of regular movements that create patterns and pulses within a given time frame.
The exhibition seeks to explore the concept of rhythm, its connection to the natural world, and its impact on our emotions and spiritual well-being. The exhibition's theme is particularly relevant to Ramadan, a time of spiritual reflection and renewal for Muslims worldwide.
The show's artworks reflect contemporary art's diversity, focusing on how artists see rhythm to create meaning and beauty. The selected artists have curated their ability to capture the essence of rhythm in their works.
The exhibition features the works of seven artists, including A.Sebastianus, AD.Pirous, Dian Mayang Sari, Haiza Puti, Mujahidin Nurrahman. Each artist brings a unique perspective to the theme of rhythm with works that reflect their styles and creative visions.
The artworks in the exhibition are curated based on their exploration of time, space, patterns, and spirituality. The curation process focuses on artworks that showcase the various ways rhythm manifests in life to art. The exhibition presents various mediums, including painting, sustainable art, paper works, and installation art. The artworks in the exhibition are visually stunning and offer insights into how rhythm can create a deeper sense of meaning and connection. The artworks invite visitors to contemplate the power of rhythm in their lives and connect with the natural and spiritual world more profoundly.
Installation Views