BIRAMA 3/4: Art Jakarta Gardens 2024

23 - 28 April 2024

Making our annual presence at Art Jakarta Garden, ISA Art Gallery proudly presents "Birama 3/4" for the 2024 show from April 23-28 at Hutan Kota by Plataran. Inspired by musical concepts, the term “Birama'' derives from "irama," signifying rhythm, while “3/4” underscores the thoughtful curation and rhythmic arrangement of three themes into one cohesive exhibition. Featuring the works of 21  artists, “Birama 3/4” highlights themes that have consistently emerge throughout ISA Art Gallery's exhibiting journeys: Women Show, Material Subject Matter, and Paint on Canvas.


This year’s Women Show aims to illuminate the variety and complexity of diasporic women in the arts, celebrating the contributions of  Rose Cameron, Sinta Tantra, Ines Katamso, Eun Vivian Lee, Yuki Nakayama, and Hadassah Emmerich. Exploring the rise of diverse materials in contemporary art, Material Subject Matter showcases how Septian Harriyoga, Galih Adika, Syllindris, Alexander Sebastianus, Jumaadi, Bandu Darmawan, Trio Muharam, and Yosefa Aulia maximize the potential of their chosen materials to express artistic messages, breaking the boundaries of material utilization in manifesting creative ideas. Paint on Canvas part of the exhibition brings forth the uniqueness of this era’s paintings through the works of Luh Gede Gita Sangita Yasa, Vanessa Jones, Ardi Gunawan, Ida Lawrence, Condro Priyoaji, Hannah Shin, and Tara Kasenda, spotlighting painting as one of the most resilient forms of art embodied through contemporary techniques and taste.

Installation Views