Ardi Gunawan Indonesian, b. 1983


Ardi Gunawan maintains his practice as a transdisciplinary artist, seamlessly navigating the expansive realms of art, design, and architecture. His diverse work spans painting, sculpture, architectural-scale installations, video, and stage design. His work is informed by a deep-rooted interest in the philosophy of process, physics, and natural history. Gunwan’s exploration delves into questioning the role of artistic beauty, humor, and aesthetics in our daily lives. In parallel to his artistic pursuits, Ardi contributes to the field of Visual Communication Design as an Assistant Professor at Pradita University. Notably, he served as a teaching associate at Monash University (Drawing) and RMIT University (Landscape Architecture) in Melbourne, Australia, from 2010 to 2011.


Ardi's artworks have garnered recognition both in his home country, Indonesia, and internationally, with exhibitions hosted at prestigious venues such as the National Gallery of Indonesia, Objectifs in Singapore, and Gertrude Contemporary in Australia. His artistic endeavors have been prominently featured and acknowledged in various publications, ranging from the Jakarta Post to Art Monthly Australia.