Kinesthesia: Art Jakarta Gardens 2023

7 - 12 February 2023

ISA Art Gallery presents Kinesthesia, an exhibition that is part of the Art Jakarta Gardens 2023 event. The show will take place from February 7th to February 12th, 2023 and features a diverse array of artists and mediums curated to match different genres of music that change every two days. Each genre element, such as the tone and medium, is showcased through each work. Music stimulates the auditory senses. The human sensory nervous system is all connected through the human brain, for example, the visual mind, to perceive and give responses. Some people can see shapes while listening to music, a phenomenon known as synesthesia. Different types of music can influence the appearance of these shapes in mind, depending on the person's emotions and the music's chord progression, rhythm, and tempo. The opposite can also happen, where individuals with chromesthesia perceive music when viewing visual objects or flashes of color. In contrast, kinesthesia itself is the ability to sense the motion of a joint or limb. Painting and music are art forms our senses perceive and could trigger our movement. Can we feel our movement while looking at and listening to visual art and music? The Kinesthesia exhibition explores how different forms of music can influence the appearance of artwork and how visual art and music can trigger movement through synesthesia and chromesthesia. The exhibition presents the visual representation of various genres and sub-genres of music, including pop, shoe-gaze, and folk.

Installation Views