Sinta Tantra British-Indonesian, b. 1979


Influenced by her vibrant Balinese heritage, Sinta Tantra launched her artistic career, creating pieces with intricately cut vinyl and painted shapes. Renowned for site-specific murals and public installations, her works consistently feature reflection, symmetry, and exotic motifs. Tantra's work primarily explores the interplay of shapes and color. The vivid palette draws viewers into a realm of spirituality, while the shapes navigate the space between higher planes and our current reality. These paintings serve as a fusion of art and architecture.


Tantra's exploration extends to questioning the potential convergence of painting and architecture. Can painting transform into architecture? Can architecture become a painting? Her abstractions are characterized by musicality, rhythm, and a nuanced palette, embodying dichotomies such as masculine and feminine, direction, and scale. For Tantra, art is a vital source that nourishes our minds, souls, and affirms identity. Supporting the arts, according to her, is synonymous with embracing the very essence of our humanity.