Reverberation: From the Past to the Present

15 January - 26 February 2022

In art history, contemporary artists have often looked to the works of the past maestro's in order to understand if they are creating a new dialogue in art. This is an important aspect of how we view contemporary art. Hendra Gunawan, (1918-1983) was one of the earliest examples of contemporary Indonesian art, through his exaggerated figures and bold use of colors. which was a sharp departure from the "Moie Indies" and realist period in Indonesian art. His works are known for portraying the "real life" of Indonesia, the fishermen on the beach, the revolutionary period and the mother and child. Hendra was a member of ‘Pelukis Rakjat’ and his works were usually a commentary on social issues. He portrayed Indonesians with humor, happiness, and determination, celebrating the humanity that lies in Indonesia's everyday life.


ISA Art & Design finds it important for the younger generation of artists to be able to learn about his works and respond to it. We invited 17 Indonesian artists to reflect on Hendra's work and to create a response to it. This collective exhibition: ‘Reverberation: From the Past to the Present’. challenges the younger artist to look at artistic expressions and issues surrounding Indonesian politics, social issues, and techniques. Through this exhibition, we hope that the narrative built by Hendra Gunawan can continue to live and create new forms of expression.


‘Reverberation: From the Past to the Present’ will be held on 15 January – 17 February, 2022 at Wisma 46 Kota BNI gallery, with artists participating: Adi Sundoro, Argya Dhyaksa, Ferial Afif, Galih Adika, Hadassah Emmerich, Haiza Puti, Galih Adika, Luh Gede, Maharani Mancanagara, Condro Priyoaji, Sillyndris, Sinta Tantra, Talitha Maranila, Vienasty, Widwar, Yogie Ginanjar, and Yosefa Aulia.

Installation Views