Eun Vivian Lee, a Korean artist based in New York City, is renowned for her captivating dot paintings. Over two decades, she has refined her unique approach, showcasing her work in global destinations such as Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore, and her home base in New York City. Lee utilizes a finely defined grid structure outlined by delicately drawn pencil lines to create hypnotic yet calming paintings. Her artistic process involves a fascinating exploration of mindfulness and meditation, as she repetitively fills her large canvas with dots, resulting in a profound sense of tranquility and meditative healing in each artwork.


The dots in Lee's paintings symbolize a rhythmic dance between precision and spontaneity, forming a larger narrative of balance and harmony. This transcendent quality goes beyond visual appeal, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a contemplative journey and self-reflection. Lee's art serves as a sanctuary of mindfulness, where the act of creating dots becomes a meditative experience, encouraging viewers to explore the serene and transformative power within each meticulously placed dot.

Installation shots
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