Tara Kasenda Indonesian, b. 1990


Tara Kasenda earned her Bachelor's degree at the Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB), Indonesia, specializing in painting in 2013. Subsequently, she received her Master of Fine Arts degree in Transdisciplinary New Media from Paris College of Art in 2019. Kasenda's artistic repertoire encompasses oil painting, installation, prints, sculpture, and new media, each medium serving as a lens to capture the essence of her contemporary milieu while remaining anchored in traditional painting conventions.


Through a cohesive interplay of obscureness and soft pastel hues, Kasenda's creations underscore themes of identity, perception, and memory. The dream-like quality of her work not only imparts a sense of ambiguity but also paradoxically invokes feelings of comfort. In her exploration of these dimensions, Kasenda's art engages viewers in a contemplative experience, inviting them to delve into the nuanced interplay of her chosen mediums and the profound ideas she seeks to convey.


Research forms the foundation of Kasenda’s work. She collects data, observes keenly, and investigates the history, theories, and studies on color in correlation to her subjects. Her soft color palette offers thresholds of beauty and chaos, the defined and undefined, reality and dream, old and new - guiding the spectator into a contemplative sphere.

Currently based in Paris, Tara exhibits her works regularly in South East Asia and Europe. She had three solo exhibitions, including one showcased as a special section for young emerging artists in Art Taipei 2015, Taiwan. In 2019, Tara was recognized as Forbes Indonesia’s 30 under 30, attesting to her impact and influence in the realm of contemporary art.