Abdi Alam: Alexander Sebastianus Hartanto

17 August - 20 October 2021

Abdi Alam Pt. I display the remnants of A.Sebastianus' rumination of the forest at Merubetiri National Park and Gunung Gede Pangrango, which he considered very personal. A.Sebastianus' concern on the worsening of climate change due to the recklessness of human beings has become the main inspiration for his works in the current exhibition. 


As a weaver, A.Sebastianus used a traditional lurik weaving motif, telupat, that originated in Java as an act of reclaiming indigenous values amid the contemporary era. This woven cloth not only embodies a whole forest but it’s also symbolized as the barrier to protect the 'royal palace'; protecting the trees from illegal loggers that are trying to destroy the forest. 


Installation Views