Women in Contemporary Art

16 October 2023 - 12 January 2024
Jakarta Land presents an exhibition Women in Contemporary Art at WTC3. Contemporary phenomena in art are not merely an aesthetic exploration but are developments from the artist's personal experience influenced by social and cultural influences that build the context of visual representation. Other traditions and cultures form representations, but without realizing it still have a local character or still have roots; in this exhibition, we try to read and see the actualization of traditions from the works of contemporary Indonesian female artists.
The artists have their way of expressing their work and different backgrounds of thought in concepts that return to their traditional or social roots channeled through expression, exploration, and actualization of these things in unique and diverse ways, some of which are through re-imagination. Recording traditions, symbolic meanings and even counter-traditions; In Re-Imagination, the artist tries to present tradition by extracting textual in formation and creating imaginative-fantasy visuals with more than one visual style. Immerses themselves in artistic exploration through media like Ines Katamso explores the themes of biology, microbiology and astrophysics also Nidiya Kusmaya explores the intriguing concept of using ancient coal as a black pigment. Luh Gede Gita employs bold colors and composition in a juxtaposing manner. Guided by a deep appreciation of personal emotions and inner experiences, like Nursyifa Salsabila juxtaposing of past and present moments can help convey the temporal context of memories, and Qanissa Aghara assemblages art by collecting and arranging found objects, creating a visual narrative of her memories and experiences.
The practice of an artist's work finds its momentum of plurality, whether style, technique, choice of material, or aesthetic concepts or aesthetic concepts—many artists caused by the intersection of the complexities of social and cultural conditions. Perspectives, choices, awareness give birth to works that emphasize efforts as a bridge between people's diversity; build a dialogue with the flavours of life around him. In this exhibition, we try to see self-actualization and reinterpret the position of women differently.
Installation Views