Dabi Arnasa Indonesian, b. 1997


I Made Dabi Arnasa, also known as Dabi, is a Balinese artist currently based in Yogyakarta. He completed his fine art studies at the Indonesia Institute of Art (ASI) in Yogyakarta. His inaugural solo exhibition, "Cabinet of Dreams," showcased at Art Moments Jakarta 2022, offers a glimpse into his interpretations of imagery and experiences derived from the realm of dreams, be his own or those of others’.


Arnasa's artistic practice is deeply rooted in the traditional Balinese principle of rwa bhineda, emphasizing the unifying value between contradictions. Dabi captures the essence of dreams as experiences that are both unusual and familiar, reconstructing these dreamscapes into surrealistic-ish imagery on canvas. His work transcends the boundaries between reality and the dream world.