Erna Garnasih Indonesian, b. 1941

Born in Kuningan, West Java, September 2, 1941, Erna grew up in an environment that was familiar with the art of music. Together with his father, Daeng Soetigna, an angklung musician, his brother, sister, cousin and friends often play music together. In her teens, Erna was interested in broadening her art horizons by studying at the fine arts department, ITB.


Erna Garnasih Pirous (b.1941) who is a senior female artist in Indonesia, this female artist who is the wife of AD.Pirous has consistently painted since she was accepted as a student at the Bandung Institute of Technology in 1960 and is one of the contributors to the style and style of abstraction with her character. This time, Garnasih presents one of the works in the Hibiscus series, also known as the hibiscus flower, the object he depicts representing his creative process by painting on canvas which he treats with various music related to rhythm and composition. In this work, Garnasih displays distorted strokes. and asymmetrical and disproportionate that is the imprint of his studies in France.