Sekar Puti Indonesian, b. 1986

Born in Jakarta 1986, Puti relocated to Bandung to study in the Ceramic Art studio in the Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). She decided to take ceramics, she says, because “when I entered college I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to be an artist or an entrepreneur. The only studio that accommodated this doubt was ceramic arts.” Her interest in both areas led her to start Derau, a brand of home-made ceramics that could be sold in shops, while also developing a solo practice built around exhibition pieces. In 2018 she and her family relocated to Bali to set up a ceramics studio to expand her production. Asked what inspires her work, Puti says: “Girls – women of all ages, ethnicities and tendencies. Their stories, politics and powers. Their magic, beauty and sins”. She is consistent with the medium ceramic. She sometimes presents object shaped ceramic installation with visual and words, which arranged to make a certain narration.