Vienasty rezqina Indonesian, b. 1994

Born in 1994, Vienasty Rezqina is an artist who lives in Bandung. She graduated from FSRD ITB majoring in painting in 2017. In her works, Vienasty is interested in generic perceptions and stereotypical perceptions of visual images that emerge from the internet, tickle her curiosity about how a screen can become a new reality, considering that today's humans are more visualized than before. It is this curiosity that makes Vienasty often look for new possibilities from the practice of painting and or two-dimensional art in this highly artificial era. Vienasty often applying juxtaposition image style to his paintings with the quality of the images that have been digitized. xNow Vienasty is focused on working as an artist and Art Toy maker.

Her early works mainly talking about one simple object that can represent something. After that, she found stereotyping and cultural value in random images, that were sometimes be taken from granted and used for or from social media platform. She also interested and curious in how screen becomes new reality, given that now people more focus on their gadget. And the curiosity of it making her looking for new possibilities in painting practice.