Condro Priyoaji Indonesian, b. 1993

Condro Priyoaji is a painter who lives and works in Bandung, Graduated from FSRD ITB majoring in painting. Condro born in Jember, December 31, 1993. His artistic journey began when he was in high school, starting with the world of street art. His habit of painting to this day influences how he sees life. He saw a landscape that caught the eye as a composition of color pigments. Until now, interest in the phenomenon of color has become a common thread in the series of works he has worked on. Condro often participates in several art exhibitions and events ;
2021 ”Broken White Project” ACE/CBD, Ace House Collective, Yogyakarta, ”Shifting Spaces” Orbital Dago, Bandung. 2020 ”Manifesto VII PANDEMI” Galeri Nasional Indonesia,, ”Nodes” Galeri Ruang Dini, Bandung