Bandu Darmawan Indonesian, b. 1989

Bandu Darmawan comes from Cilacap, Central Java with an educational background in Intermedia Arts at the Bandung Institute of Technology. He often experimented with various mediums for various purposes, art being one of them. His interest in various media makes bandu not in one particular medium, he believes that every different message requires a different medium to convey it. Bandu often uses technology tools to work, both hardware and software technology. Not only the latest technology, bandu also uses outdated technology that is forgotten by society. In using technological devices, bandu sometimes have to "destroy" the device to obtain improper functions, this effort is made to question the existence of the technology itself. According to him, using technology as a medium of work can take us out for a while from the area of ​​technology consumers who take for granted technological advances that are present.