Prilla Tania Indonesia, b. 1979

Prilla Tania (b.1979) Graduated from the ITB FSRD in 2001, has been active in participating in various group exhibitions since 2003. She is interested in how humans relate to their natural surroundings as well as the relationship between culture and nature. Since its inception, she has often raised daily themes because she believes that the problems, we encounter every day are the basis of the world’s significant issues.


In 2007 she had the opportunity to undertake an artist residency program in Australia which then opened her eyes to human problems within their natural surroundings. This experience made her more concerned with human and environmental (ecosystem) problems. Through her work, she raises the issue of food, which is an important part of human life. 


Although she’s widely known as a video artist, she also works with other media from performance to paper cutting and more. Most of her works are site-specific therefore, rarely shown twice. Since 2007, she has joined several artists in residence programs in Australia, Asia, and Europe. These experiences have exposed her to different cultures and geographic situations which enriches her exploration and observations on culture and nature.