Marisa R. Ng Malaysian, b. 1977

Born in Selangor, Malaysia in 1977, Marisa Ng is a full time artist who earned her Certificate Of Figurative Art from the National Academy of Art, Culture & Heritage, Malaysia.  Marisa derives most of her work from the attachment that she felt towards her Ah Ma (grandmother) who suffered from cancer. Having a special connection with her growing up, Marisa describes her fondness of her abstractionist brush stroke as a personification of the way her Ah Ma cooked in the kitchen. 'Spontaneous but purposeful' and likes to get things done quickly. She values her leisure time to the extent that every line, dots and patches of color are poured upon the canvas with the intensity of the brush strokes aligned with the conversations and the emotional significance that she treasures in her heart and memory. 
Marisa knows exactly when a peace is completed as she describes the quote by Robert Henri (1865-1929) 'The stroke which marks the path of a rocket into the sky maybe only a few inches long, but the spirit of the artist has travelled a thousand feet at the moment he made that stroke.' She currently resides in Malaysia and has exhibited her works in a numerous exhibitions throughout the country.