Sinta Tantra British,Indonesian, b. 1979

Drawing strongly upon a vibrant palette influenced by her Balinese heritage, Sinta Tantra began her career producing pieces composed of intricately cut vinyl and painted designs. Reflection, symmetry and exotic motifs were common in her public artworks.


Highly regarded for her site-specific murals and installations in the public realm, most of her work envisions the concept of drawing and color. While color encourages us to become immersed into a world of otherness, drawing explores the slippage between the two and three dimensions – the clarity of line, its distortion, push and pull. The paintings examine the activity of drawing itself, physically linking the disciplines of painting together with architecture on a single canvas plane. Colored motifs stand, collapse, float – pictorial spaces move towards and away from the viewer. Tantra asks the question, can painting become architecture? Can architecture become a painting?


Musicality, rhythm and colors, dichotomies of masculine and feminine, direction and scale define Tantra’s abstractions. For Tantra, there is no question that “art feeds our minds, our souls and affirms identity. To support the arts is to support the very essence of what makes us human.”


Tantra is represented by Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery in London and by ISA Art Advisory in Jakarta.