4 June - 16 July 2022



ISA Art & Design has held an annual exhibition since 2017 showcasing women artists. For the 2022 edition, ISA is collaborating with Syagini Ratna Wulan, a notable Indonesian artist to select the artist to be included in the show. Syagini and ISA Art & Design have observed several women artists who work on exploring materials for their artwork, carrying the theme of the relationship between the artist, materials, concept, & technique. For the younger artists who are included, Syagini seeks to mentor them to explore new mediums for their art.


This exhibition carries the method of artist curating artists. Curator who is also an artist will not overstep the themes, styles and tendencies of the selected artists. Her role is more of a facilitator of opening discussions who support the development of the artists' works in terms of technique. The selected artists have different experiences, ages, mediums, ideas, and artistic styles. This diversity can be the basis for complementary discussions, where both curator and artist or among artists can share and complement each other.


Art and materiality is a common theme in 21st-century art. Many influential women artists have explored unique materials in their art practice to convey their concept and ideas through the materials used. The exhibition entitled "Titicara" was chosen by Syagini Ratna Wulan and had the meaning of the method's scope. Syagini tries to see the diversity of media and material treatment of various artists with different backgrounds in this exhibition as the identity of female artists.


This exhibition will be filled with works that explore medium and form. Syagini has chosen to introduce 17 diverse and dynamic female artists. This exhibit enables the sharing of individual experiences that explore unexpected materials and unconventional creation methods. The participating artists are; Aurora Arazzi (Indonesia), Corinne De San Jose (Philippines), Dawn Ng (Singapore), Donna Ong (Singapore), Ella Wijt (Indonesia), Elia Nuvista (Indonesia), Erna Garnasih Pirous (Indonesia), Etza Meisyara (Indonesia), Ines Katamso (Indonesia), Kanoko Takaya, Melissa Tan (Singapore) Sekarputi Sidhawati (Japan), Tara Kasenda (Indonesia), Yosefa Aulia (Indonesia), Leyla Stevens (Australia) Vienasty Rezqina (Indonesia), and Putri Larasati (Indonesia).


Women Show – “Titicara” ISA Art & Design will be on view on June 4th-1st August at Wisma 46, Kota BNI Jakarta.