Ines Katamso

Ines Katamso (b.1990), born in Yogyakarta describes herself as “anak-campur” or a kid of mixed-nationality. Her father, an Indonesian musician, her mother, a French tattoo artist, Ines spent the first ten years of her life in Yogyakarta, before moving to France where she received her education in art and fashion design. Shortly after graduation Ines then returned to her homeland in order to develop her ever-expanding creative practice first as a muralist followed by the creation of her own Interior design studio, Atelier Ines-K. Starting painting on canvas was a natural process of self criticism.
Speaking with Ines about her decision to move from large wall to intimate scale, she explains in a beautiful French accent, that she is now able to explore externally, a type of internal space related to how her own mind transforms distress and anxiety, her process of somatization.
Each canvas, comprised of geometric shapes, lines, and organic forms, while at first glance whimsical, express a much deeper internal process of self-reflection and discovery.