HARMONY IN HUES Islamic Art Exhibition

11 March - 31 May 2024

Harmony in Hues is an art exhibition that boldly ventures beyond conventional boundaries, inviting guests to immerse themselves in the captivating intersection of colors, culture, and religion. Going beyond the mere exploration of visual harmony, this showcase achieves a profound integration of vibrant local culture and Islamic traditions.


In each meticulously curated piece, the color palette transforms into a vibrant metaphor, eloquently capturing the essence of interconnectedness and unity inherent in Indonesia's diverse cultural and Islamic heritage. This exhibition's theme holds particular relevance to Ramadan, as it is a sacred time of spiritual reflection and renewal for Muslims worldwide. As the holy month inspires introspection and harmony, the artworks serve as a visual journey into the intertwining beauty of cultural diversity and Islamic traditions.


Featuring the distinctive works of seven esteemed artists, including Agus Zimo, Arahmaiani, Carla Agustina, Faisal Kamandobat, Nasirun, and Prihatmoko Moki, each brings a unique perspective to the theme, infusing their creations with individual styles and imaginative visions.

Installation Views