A Symphony of Contemporary Perspectives

15 January - 15 March 2024
"A Symphony of Contemporary Perspectives" seeks to unravel the layers of artistic expression, delving into the unique styles and inspirations that define each artist's journey. In this thought-provoking art exhibition, we aim to weave a narrative that explores six contemporary artists' diverse and innovative perspectives.
Bandu Darmawan's exploration of various mediums, particularly technology, serves as the gateway to the exhibition—his unconventional mix of old and modern technology questions our societal dependence on technological advancements. Bandu challenges viewers to reconsider their relationship with technology and its impact on our world perception by displaying destroyed and altered tech devices.
Social commentary becomes the forefront of Wildan Indra Sugara's three-dimensional works. By using concrete and daily objects, Wildan creates sculptures that narrate the complex relationship between society and objects. His pieces reflect on how the interaction of social dynamics shapes human behavior through the use of texts.
Erwin Windu’s narrative takes on different roles; he brings the manifestation of everyday experience to the forefront. By incorporating various mediums, including 3D and found objects, Pranata draws connections between art and everyday life. Influenced by popular culture and encapsulating the essence of daily existence, he invites viewers to find the extraordinary within the ordinary.
Galih Adika questions the transformation of values and meanings in his earlier works. Now, Galih investigates the intricate relationship between subject and object. He immerses the viewers by blurring the virtual and physical realities to challenge visitors to reflect on the evolving nature of human experiences.
Sillyndris intently explores the dynamics of suburban life. Through evocative brushstrokes, Sillyndris transforms overlooked aspects of daily existence into compelling visual narratives. Sillyndris's artworks capture the essence of community life, offering a fresh perspective on the quieter facets of suburban existence.
Trio Muharam presents the interactive nature of art. Drawing inspiration from Duchamp's ready-made, their works blur the lines between viewer and participant. By encouraging active engagement, the audience becomes an integral part of the art, fostering a dynamic exchange between creator and observer.
"A Symphony of Contemporary Perspectives" culminates diverse artistic voices that leave an indelible impression. Each artist has added a distinct layer to the collective narrative, unveiling unique perspectives that challenge and inspire. Bandu Darmawan's technological inquiry, Wildan Indra Sugara's social commentary, Erwin Windu Pranata's everyday manifestations, Galih Adika's exploration of evolving realities, Sillyndris' poignant suburban narratives, and Trio Muharam's interactive engagement all contribute to a harmonious symphony of contemporary expressions. As their works continue to resonate beyond the confines of this exhibition, we hope to provoke thoughts and spark conversations on the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary art.
Installation Views