12 September 2022 - 6 January 2023

The presence of modern art in Indonesia results from the contact between Indonesian culture and Dutch culture in the three and a half centuries of Dutch colonization in Indonesia. The independence of the Indonesian nation triggers graphic art media to appear, be used, and be widely introduced. Baharudin Marasuta (1910-1988), a painter and printer, and Mochtar Apin (1923-1994) from Bandung published a collection of lino excerpts. Since then, the graphic arts media have gradually introduced themselves to the Indonesian art scene by disseminating political slogans and propaganda. Graphic techniques developed as a medium of expression driven by formal art education institutions in Indonesia. With the development of educational institutions and studios outside formal institutions, the number of graphic artists is also increasing; various graphic art exhibitions have enriched and presented interesting information and aesthetic experiences that have emerged on the dynamic surface of Indonesian art.


Along with changes or shifts in expression in newer visual arts (installation and performance art) as well as more sophisticated media and technologies (offset, digitization, computerization, and multi-media) that offer more stimulating aesthetic values, graphic artists are now challenging critically and creatively to respond to this situation to continue to contribute to the Indonesian art scene which is increasingly dynamic and progressive. In this exhibition, we invite young graphic artists to contribute and share the diversity and development of graphic arts and the novelty as a medium of expression for young artists to the public with various media and themes.


Installation Views