Objective List

5 November - 30 December 2021

ISA Art is proud to present "Objective List", an exhibition of Taufiq ht and Tempa, launching 30 October through 30 December 2021, at the ISA Art Incubator Gallery – Omah Budoyo, Yogyakarta. Objective List was chosen as the title of this exhibition due to the combination of narratives from Taufiq and Tempa emphasizing that items with more value than meaning are questions in their life journey and Objective List Theory. According to the Objective List Theory, people can achieve happiness if they can fulfill various desired goals such as material needs, freedom, health, education, knowledge, travel, and friendship.


In this exhibition, both Taufiq's and Tempa's works have different lines and treatments used for the media. They have the same narrative as a compositional play of objects in a house area becoming a correlation of works as an intimate medium of self-existence. Their works mark the practice of self-reflection in the surrounding environment to foster an attitude of accepting changes during a pandemic situation.


Every artist has the same sensitivity and nostalgia to the meaning of a house. They believe that there is a sense of belonging and a desire to return home, both physically and psychologically (a place of comfort, family, or even death). Taufiq and Tempa attempt to analyze, unpack, read and rearrange objects of everyday life.


The works of Tempa and Taufiq delivers a message which reminds us that objects and materials in the form of physical and non-physical are a reflection of a person's ability to achieve happiness after fulfilling various material needs. It is also a message that we can answer questions that exist and increase awareness that we as humans have a very important role in determining the destiny of this world.


It is an honor for ISA Art and Design to introduce this exhibition at our incubator gallery, Omah Budoyo, and present the work of Taufiq and Tempa.

Installation Views