Razzle Dazzle : Dr. Share 10th Anniversary

29 February 2020

In celebration of doctorSHARE'S 10th anniversary, ISA Art & Design is proud to present a product of close collaboration by London based artist of Balinese descent Sinta Tantra. With the help of JOTUN, one of the worlds leading paint and performance power coating company, the sponsored collaboration with Sinta Tantra & doctorSHARE provides an uplifting prospect that allows art as a medium in supporting basic health care to be accessible to everyone.


The event is a launch of a commissioned mural donated by artist Sinta Tantra titled 'Razzle Dazzle', 2020, which was inspired by Dazzle Ships from World War II. The Dazzle design concept was adopted by the UK Admiralty Marine Affairs then later by the United States Navy to make the ships a difficult target to the enemy. Razzle Dazzle, 2020 by Sinta Tantra is made up of colors that symbolize the distinction of the ship's location. Blue symbolizing waves and water, while bright pink the equatorial climates the boat will pass through. Diagonal lines, mirrored rectangular shapes form a spatial void distorting the perception of the viewer while keeping a restorative sense of balance and symmetry. This unique design created by Sinta Tantra for doctorSHARE creates an uplifting focal point for the hospital’s entrance.