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Humdrum Hum

Adjective: Lacking excitement or variety; boringly monotonous.
(E.g. ‘humdrum routine work’)
Noun [mass noun]: Monotonous routine.
(E.g. ‘an escape from the humdrum of his life’)


Mundanity has never felt more substantial than these past few months. We are spending time at home, left alone with ourselves. However, it becomes a paradox that this overload of domestic mundanity is a disruption that made us realize of another mundanity we trap ourselves in.

Humdrum Hum; Humming to a mundane cyclic routine could be interpreted in various ways. It could be that the hummer is trying to break the mundanity, or maybe accentuating it, or instead just enjoying and appreciating the routine. Or it could be all of the above. The possibility is as endless as imagining what sorts of thoughts cross Sisyphus’s mind while rolling the boulder up an endless hill. Humming also infers a sense of intimacy and playfulness.

Similarly, the artworks in this exhibition showcase praise to essentiality and simplicity; striving for artistic honesty and unhidingness, featuring artworks from various medium and disciplines by young artists: Alexander Sebastian, Anastasia Astika, Ella Wijt, Kurt Peterson, Luthfi Zulkifli, Melta Desyka, Meliantha Muliawan, Mika Reksowardojo, and Yuki Nakamura. While some works create a personal order within a constant disorder, some others instead disrupt the systemic orderliness. All in all, it is an effort to notice a hidden life within the every-day, and to make others see it as well.


artist spotlight: alexander sebastianus


Alexander Sebastianus Hartanto (b. 1995) sees ethnographic research as an experiential mode of existence. His works explore the decontextualization of material cultures and how they are perceived, understood and ritualized in practice. For Sebastianus, decolonizing the ontologies of art is to reclaim Sani, a way of living that involves offering, service and search of the unknown. Such a practice leads to a recreation of pilgrimages, sacred spaces and woven cloths, all of which may or may not be archived, documented or shared. In Sani, what is left are remnants and evidence of materials.


a festive season

ISA Art and Design will be working together with this month with Facade and ArtSphere, two other female owned art galleries to create a christmas bazaar. To promote the widespread rise of galleries and women owned business', all the tenants will be providing a large array of artworks.


The artworks in this exhibition vary from young artist's such as Japanese artist Yuki Nakayama and Alexander Sebastianus to master's such as Arief Nief and Arahmaiani. Vendors such as Amanda Rahardjo, Batik Chic, and Trijee are displaying clothing's of different styles next to accessories such as All About Brooches and makeup provided by Sada by Cathy Sharon. Luxury at an affordable price is a price that many seek which is now available until Saturday, December 5th 2020 by appointment at ISA Art and Design's gallery.


Jl. Wijaya Timur Raya No. 12 Jakarta 12170 Indonesia


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