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The Rise of Alternative Investments amongst Asian High Net Worth FamiliesFriday, 3 July 2020, 3:00PM


At ISA, we are often asked, “IS ART A GOOD INVESTMENT?"

We invite you to join a special webinar discussion on Friday, 3rd of July 2020 at 3:00 pm entitled The Rise of Alternative Investments among Asian High Net Worth Families. ISA Art and Design, together with Henley & Partners together with Cult Wines, Bunker Silver & Gold and , are pleased to host a webinar to discuss the various alternative investments opportunities.

From ISA, Deborah Iskandar will be discussing “Art as an Alternative Investment”. With over 30 years experience in collecting art both as a collector and dealer. Deborah will share with you some of the factors to consider when buying art as an investment, what to look for and some simple rules you can apply in your collecting journey.

This webinar will also have notable speakers of Nirbhay Handa - Director GSAT, Henley & Partners Singapore, Julie Delaporte - Head of Business Development, Cult Wines, Christophe Numa - Managing Director, Bunker Gold & Silver to discuss strategies in investing in wine, gold and passports, to diversify your financial portfolioA special webinar discussion will take place on Friday, 3rd of July 2020 at 3:00 pm entitled The Rise of Alternative Investments among Asian High Net Worth Families. Henley & Partners together with Cult Wines, Bunker Silver & Gold and ISA Art and Design, are pleased to host a webinar to discuss the various alternative investments opportunities.

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Shadow of the Past: Tibet Version 2, 2018, 80 x 120cm, print on paper 


ISA Art & Design proudly presents you with an exhibition on performance art and photography.The photographs featured in this exhibition ranges from archives to performance photography pieces, created as far back as 1977 and as recent as 2019. This show focuses on the two main categories where performance interplays with photography: as an archive that construct its historical nuance and as an independent piece of art. The wide generational range that this exhibition includes invites us to look deeper how performance art has changed in the past 50 years.

This exhibition would be part of our online exhibition lineup. As an online-offline gallery, we strive to present online shows that are equally curated to our on-site ones, while taking in consideration which mediums would be best presented in an online format.

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artist spotlight


FX HarsonoWriting in the Rain, 2012, Performance Video Stills/ Photography


FX Harsono is a seminal figure in the Indonesian contemporary art scene. Since his days as a student, he has been an active critic of Indonesian politics, society and culture. Always updating his artistic language to the current new social and cultural contexts, Harsono's biography and family history are often the basis of his art, pointing at the disconcerting situation of minorities, the socially underprivileged, against the backdrop of Indonesia’s history and political development. This intersection of the personal and the political is particularly evident in his most recent works.

Furthermore, his oeuvre can be seen as a constant questioning and reflection of his position as an artist within society. He was part of GSRB (Gerakan Seni Rupa Baru), the art movement that revolutionized Indonesian Art Scene. His artworks are collected by various museums such as Macan Museum, featured in the 'Awakenings' exhibition at the National Gallery Singapore as well as his solo show 'Testimonies' at the Singapore Art Museum.

Agung Eko SutrisnoA Tiger who Stares at the Sunset, 2019, 60.9 x 90.3cm, Performance Art Photography on Wood


Agung Eko Sutrisno is a new media artist who utilizes performance art in his practice. He lives and works in the city of Bandung, focusing on a sculpture study program at ISBI Bandung. He established a program entitled prfrmnc.rar which concentrates on laboratories, and performance art discourses in Bandung Klub Remaja. As an artist Agung Eko Sutrisno is interested in archival values and the preservation of collective memory as his creative impulse.

In exploring the creation of his work, Eko took part in performance art workshops with Seiji Shimoda at the ASBESTOS Art Space Bandung in 2015, as well as with Jasmine Suryadharmo at the Jakarta Biennale (2017). He also participated in a video art workshop with Krisna Murti at the media arts week in Bandung (2016). In 2019, Eko entered the Semifinal Bandung Contemporary Art Awards (BACAA 6).




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