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In this era dominantly driven by the powerful force that is social media, Monstore and Maika along with Gushcloud and TEAMUP presents an installation experience that brings the audience into a labyrinth of four encounters: The Origin, The Exaggeration, The Empathy, The Honesty, and The Society. Additionally, the space is used for a series of talk shows that bring in the topics of mental & wellness and social media from the perspectives of business, lifestyle and self-love, officiated by reputable bloggers and artists such as Ayla Dimitri, Kemal Palevi, Muklay, Abenk Alter and more. As media partner and contributor, ISA Art & Design integrated an art exhibition comprised of works by the artist Ella Wijt. An Indonesian artist that explores space and objects epitomizing a room of growth and reflection in the world of vast transformation. 



Artist Spotlight 
Ella Wijt



Ella Wijt, The Land's Charm, 2019            Ella Wijt, Blue Poppy, 2019

Dermatograph, acrylic paint, dried .        Dermatograph, acrylic paint, dried bone

bone and flowers and yarn on raw          and flowers and yarn on raw canvas.


140 x 140 cm .                                             140 x 140 cm


"My work is poetry of shapes and an honor of beauty in untouched spaces. Most of the time, I find myself enjoying working alone in my studio, walking my own thoughts in rather quiet surroundings, in which everything seems normal, nothing stands out, although the space is physically crowded. I see the process of creating my work as creating a spacious room where my mind can breathe, imagine, sing and walk slowly. Through this work, I learn to take time, I learn to not want more, I learn to be grateful that i can rest in the midst of chaos. My work is where I rest, appreciating myself and everything and everyone around me" - Ella Wijt, 2019 


These works are currently exhibited at HumanizeUS, 4th Floor of the Plaza Indonesia Shopping Mall, Jakarta.


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Art & Design


Maison Haim                                                           MOIE

Marisa Ng, Truth In Love, 2019                            Retna, Society's Eyes, 2015

Jl Suryo, Senopati No.11, Jakarta.                       Pacific Place Mall Level 1, Jakarta.


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