Tabuh-Tabuhan, Sinta Tantra: Sinta Tantra pop up solo exhibition at ISA Art Gallery

17 September 2018

''Tabuh Tabuhan'' by Sinta Tantra is a  retrospective exhibition presenting Sinta Tantra's work from the past two years, organized by Indonesian Luxury and curated by ISA Art Advisory, at the ISA Art Gallery.

The event marks the opening of ISA Art Gallery's new viewing space, which will be open to the public on weekdays between 10:00AM - 6:00PM and on weekends by appointments. The viewing space offers the chance to see artworks from emerging Indonesian artists, but also rare pieces from old masters. 

The exhibition highlights the recent works of the artists from the past two  years. Known for geometric abstraction and her signature bright color palette, Tantra's career came into prominence through her site specific murals in the public realm - combining the dsiciplines of painting, design, art and architecture and executing the works both inside as well as outside the gallery space. From world-renowned public commissions - such as the 300 meter painted bridge in Canary Wharf, London, for the 2012 Olympics - to the wall based murals and paintings; Tantra's works are thoughtful, sensitive, complimenting geography, space and materials. 

The title of the exhibition draws inspiration from composer Colin MPhee's 1946 book, A House in Bali. As a young man, Mcphee traveled to Bali during the 1920's and 1930's, where he learned about gamelan and explores ways of capturing it's abstract sounds in the Western musical notation. The book depicts Bali as a place rich in culture, spiritual values and pleasure. The word 'tabuh' originally refers to the mallet used for striking or beat. Thus, 'Tabuh-Tabuhan' is a Balinese collective noun, which means different drum rythms, metric forms, gong punctuations, gamelans and percussive music. 

Installation Views