Sua Kuasa Matra: A Celebration of Women's Abilities in Creating Artistic Forms

18 March - 12 May 2023
In the emerging era of contemporary art, the narrative of women's empowerment has risen. Many women artists have used their art to challenge societal norms and express their unique viewpoints. Women's role in the art world extends beyond questioning and protesting male domination in the field to play crucial roles in the development of art, the exploration of the rational artistic process, and the shifting of paradigm in artistic form.
Sua Kuasa Matra means the collision of abilities in form-making. Matra is used to define the word 'form' in Sanskrit. The form mentioned in the exhibition encompasses an artwork's visual, tactile, and auditory elements, even though it is challenging to define it precisely. There is no substantial difference between form and content which then is separated into two; visual form and special form. A visual form is a form that we can see directly with our eyes or can be touched by our skin. While special form is formed by a relationship between what we see and perceive in our mind.
The form is still used to explore aesthetic experiences in which women artists should be included in the discussion. Sua Kuasa Matra brings together different art forms by Citra Sasmita, Corinne de San Jose, Ella Wijt, Eun Vivian Lee, Franziska Fennert, Hedwige Jacobs, Ida Lawrence, Liew Mei Toong, Liling Liu, Luh' De Gita, Meliantha, Sekarputi, Sinta Tantra, Syagini Ratna Wulan, Vanessa Jones, Yosefa Aulia, and Yuki Nakayama. Each work explores shapes, colors, compositions, and even semi-realistic objects which evoke our aesthetic experience.
Installation Views