8 July - 20 September 2022

ISA Art and Design presents a collaboration exhibition of two Yogyakarta based artists, Jompet Kuswidananto and Timoteus Anggawan Kusno. This art installation exhibition will be held in ISA Art Gallery, Omah Budoyo, Yogyakarta. Jompet and Anggawan are Indonesian artists who predominantly work with art installations. Art installations have become an essential creation in modern art. Often uses a large room to showcase the artwork, leaving many spaces for the audience to engage and interact with the work presented. Both artists are experts at creating art installations, and both pieces pervade and approach themes of political identity and history with a route of fiction.


This collaboration becomes an ongoing process of generating questions, as the two of them have different and intersecting experiences, and it will bring vibrant stages of ideas. By inviting these two artists to collaborate and bring ideas that spring from memory by repeating initial impressions, retaining the power and agility of the original narrative source produces facts that inspire true faith; imagination, on the other hand, deprives ideas of equal strength and agility, so that it can give rise to fictions involving only states such as belief.


Analogous is selected as a title for this show. Analogous, commonly used in biology to describe the similarity of function and superficial resemblance of structures with different origins. As one can see, a strand of similarity between the two artists is that they use fiction and imagination in history as a method to uncover tales and/ or unfinished matter from post-reformation and post-dictatorship that have not been told, an era in which society was controlled and suppressed by the strict governmental regime. However, both artists have started differently. Yes, they both approach similar themes such as politics, history, and culture, but their origin of artistic approach is distinct from one another. On the one hand, Jompet Kuswidananto was heavily inspired by his musical and theatrical sense; on the other, Timoteus Anggawan Kusno predominantly incorporates moving images and metafiction approaches in his project.

Installation Views