Seek Alignment: Islamic Art

4 April - 4 June 2022

Islamic Art is an art exhibition for artists from various regions in Indonesia to share how they welcome and celebrate the holy month of Ramadan through art. Art is one of many ways of expressing one’s ideas and thoughts, and Ramadan is a month that teaches about kindness, patience, tolerance, love and happiness. The ideas taught in the month of Ramadan can be seen in various creative media at this exhibition. To welcome the month of Ramadan, we curated works to be exhibited based on the depth of the artist's narrative to welcome the big day of Muslims. Art, especially religious art, is an external expression of an artist's personal view. When hearing the word spiritual, artists think of a connection to something bigger than oneself, such as God and the universe. Artists – regardless of their personal beliefs – turn to spiritual philosophy and theological iconography to discuss their beliefs and understand the present moment. The way artists see the spiritual aspect of an art is also different, so these narratives are considered important enough to remind us of the diverse perspectives of each of the artists participating in this exhibition.

Installation Views