22 January - 31 March 2022

ISA Art is proud to present "Allure". An exhibition featured Indonesian artists from 3 cities, namely I Kadek Didin (Yogyakarta), Talitha Maranilla (Jakarta), Wanti Amelia (Bandung), Yaya Sung (Jakarta). This exhibition will be launched from January 22 to March 11, 2022, at Gallery Incubator ISA Art – Omah Budoyo, Yogyakarta. In this space, we hope to present an exhibition that supports young artists in their work and contributes to the city's development.


Regarding this exhibition, "Allure" highlights the creativity of young artists in terms of medium, form and abstraction. They are opening themselves to concern with pigments above pigmentation, trying to see the power of artistic pigments when artists express identities free from clichés. Arranged, bent, glued, bent, metal, canvas, lamp, acrylic, the works in the exhibition encourage the idea of ​​an expanded field of sculpture or painting. The pieces here are one of the strengths of their formal innovation coupled with their engagement with contemporary issues; this exhibition showcases the diversity and dynamism of the medium.


This exhibition will try to observe what is considered relevant in the attractive medium (Allure) is rich by presenting artists with different regional backgrounds to find formal, contextual, and conceptual slices and what drives them to be creative with non-conventional mediums. Allure provides a space for each artist's practice where the public can analyze and experience a unique sensation. This exhibition tries to challenge and challenge the conventional understanding attached to what should be considered art.

Installation Views