Contemplative Recollective

15 January - 15 February 2021

ISA Art & Design is honoured to present Contemplative Recollective, an exhibition of six artworks from most prominent names in the Indonesian art scene. The show features Agus Suwage, Ay Tjoe Christine, Eko Nugroho, FX Harsono, Made Wianta, and Mella Jaarsma. This exhibition will be available online as part of the second session of the OPPO Art Jakarta Virtual.


Each of the artworks in this exhibition carries the story and nuance of Indonesia's specific time and events. The paintings featured in this exhibition were created between 1995 - 2015, encompassing a time leading up to the boom era, during the boom era, and a few years afterwards. For this exhibition, ISA curates artworks from reputable private collections, which quality and relevancy have stood the test of time. The 20 year period has left a profound mark in our local art history; it was when various artistic breakthroughs, conceptual liberation, and push for fluency in the global artistic language happened. 


By presenting this exhibition, ISA Art and Design hope to recollect and contemplate the various pivotal movements, voices, and struggles that have shaped our current art scene and laid the foundation of what we will have in the future.