Humdrum Hum

15 December 2020 - 15 January 2021

Mundanity has never felt more substantial than these past few months. Humdrum Hum. One could interpret as humming to a mundane cyclic routine in various ways. It could be that the hummer is trying to break the mundanity, accentuating it, or instead just enjoying and appreciating the rhythm and pattern. The possibility is as endless as imagining what sorts of thoughts could cross Sisyphus's mind while rolling the boulder up countless hills. Additionally, humming also infers intimate and playful actions.

Similarly, this exhibition's artworks showcase praise to essentiality and simplicity, striving for artistic honesty and unhiding-ness. While some works attempt to create a personal order within a constant disorder, some other instead disrupt the systemic orderliness. All in all, creating these artworks are efforts to notice a hidden life within the everyday and make others aware of the poetics in it as well.

Creating this exhibition, ISA Art and Design is committed to supporting the local art scene by providing an artwork presentation and market platform for young artists, regional and international. ISA also believes that the aesthetic experiences we get from art could be a catharsis for us during these challenging times. This exhibition also features fresh practices that the local audiences might not have encountered.