Language of The Spirits: A Solo Show by Arahmaiani

24 July - 31 August 2019
Recognized as one of Indonesia’s most influential and respected artists, Arahmaiani has been included in over one hundred solo and group exhibitions around the world since 1980. This exhibition will highlight paintings, and photography works from Arahmaiani’s recent works Shadow of the Past, Light, and Jawi Project. Despite varying in form, all Arahmaiani’s work has to do with her heritage, her Buddhist ancestor, and her passion for the environment.

Language of The Spirits features Arahmaiani’s photography series 'Shadow of The Past', which includes her experience in Europe and Tibet in 2016, where she explored Tibetan natural environment and spirituality. Arahmaiani has always been attracted to Buddhist philosophy. The fact that Borobudur, the world’s largest Buddhist temple, was buried under the earth for 800 years and rediscovered around 200 years ago has given Arahmaiani inspirations for her art, including the title of one her latest work and exhibition: Shadow of the Past. “[Arahmaiani] finds that the Buddhist teaching from Borobudur temple is very relevant for today's problematic situation in Indonesia, as well as in this world.” 

Jawi Project was inspired by Jawi or Pegon; Arabic alphabet used to write the Javanese and Sundanese languages, particularly for poetry and ancient religious writing. Transformed for local languages, they symbolize the existence of creative, adaptive abilities and an appreciation for cultural diversity, characteristic of Javanese culture and the archipelago in general. Arahmaiani’s work ties back to her original themes of spirituality, cultural syncretism, and humanity’s connection with nature as well as feminism in religious context, and her fascination with the buried past of her native Java and its rich Hindu-Buddhist cultural heritage, still under-recognized.

Placed in the heart of Java, Amanjiwo's location is in the midst of Indonesia's richest and diverse regions. a short drive from one of the worlds seven wonders and one of the biggest Buddhist temples in the world, The Borobudur. The resort is also spread across time weathered Hindu temples on the Dieng plateau dating back from the 7th - 8th century, the ancient complex of Prambanan, it's towering Hindu temples that is spread across the plain. The venue reflects Arahmaiani's common interest with her buried past of the great Javanese culture and heritage. In coordination with the Artjog art month that attracts the local and international art market.