Lost in Whimsy Wisdom: Interplay of Realities: ISA Art Gallery x Omah Budoyo

26 June - 15 August 2024
ISA Art Gallery presents, "Lost in Whimsy Wisdom: Interplay of Realities" --a multifaceted exhibition that brings together six diverse artists--Ardi Gunawan, Bandu Darmawan, Beyond Crap, Fffffandy, Sillyndris, and Suliswanto Urubingwaru each of whom challenges the boundaries of perception and visceral narratives.
This exhibition encapsulates the artists' collective endeavor to blend the whimsical with the profound. Roland Barthes' concept of "punctum" from "Camera Lucida" describes it as the element in a photograph that pierces the viewer, creating a personal and emotional connection. The playful and whimsical elements serve as the punctum, drawing viewers in and encouraging them to explore the underlying themes and messages by transforming overlooked aspects of everyday life into accessible, thought-provoking subjects, disarming viewers and inviting them to engage with the artworks on a deeper level and discover the analogous realities that underlie the surface.
Installation Views