Savyavasa: 2019

Savyavasa presents a unique opportunity to live a dream often promised but yet to be fulfilled. A haven of nature like no other, this exclusive development serves as an oasis of tranquility held in quiet reserve for the exclusive few. To pamper every corporeal need with settings devised to please and find the balance of life, Savyavasa presents a nature within a unique living environment. To select the artwork for the show unit and sales and marketing gallery, we approached it as a holistic space, knowing the artworks would be relocated to the main development.


Taking our cues from the theme’s developed by the SAVYAVASA architects, we looked at the Indonesian Heritage to draw from tradition to re-interpret luxury through the eyes of contemporary Indonesian and South East Asian artists. We also adopted the theme of nature, which we asked some of the artist to incorporate into their vision of a beautiful, luxurious landscape.