Arisan Karya Museum MACAN

Deborah Iskandar, Tatler, June 30, 2020

Arisan Karya (Art Raffle) is an initiative by Museum MACAN to drive support within and for the art world during the time of crisis. The format itself, 'Arisan' was taken from a vernacular gathering style of Indonesian that promotes collective saving. In the same spirit, Arisan MACAN engages different components of the art ecosystem to support each other through collective funding. This initiative will have its second instalment starting 25 June -1 July


Arisan in contemporary Indonesian culture refers to monthly social gatherings among neighbours: whereby every participant contributes an agreed amount of money, which is collected and raffled at each event. Those participants whose names are drawn at the raffle take home the money. In a full cycle, arisan encourages combined saving to help all participants purchase extra household needs. At its core, arisan is a social tradition that values trust and support among participants. In the same spirit, Arisan Karya is designed to be an act of support that will drive other acts of support, giving much needed funds to artists at this very precarious time.

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