MOIE: 2021

What is the goal of the gallery?⁣

What makes a house feel like home? Home is where you find rest in the arms of people you adore. It is where mornings are welcomed with kisses and waking up doesn’t feel like a chore. Home is where you can express yourself and where you are celebrated with love. It is where you are served with sweetness, spaces where you can open up. Home is your sanctuary. It’s a place of warmth and comfort. It’s your little corner of the world. At MOIE, we present and offer the complete concept of not just a house, but also a home. ⁣

How does art complete a space?

Every room needs something that will attract the attention of visitors in a matter of seconds. Art can always be a great choice to use as a focal point.  ⁣
Artworks can help to tell a story, add life to a space, bring bold elements into the room, and play a role as complementary pieces for our interior composition.