Klots: 2018

What is the goal of the gallery?


Home accessories are treasures for your home, creating personality in a space that conveys warmth and welcoming ambience, while still infusing the owners character and style through decorative elements that define your luxurious taste. If we only have furniture in our home, our personalities would never shine. Just like how you dress up yourself, wearing the right accessories, be it a shoes, bag, or a special accent pieces would make you look chic. It’s amazing how home accessories take your space to another level, because small details matter. Nowadays, home is not only just for a display, it is a place that makes you feel comfortable and happy to live in. At KLOTS Home Furnishing, we believe that decorating your living space appropriately should be a priority.


How does art complete the space?

Every space need a touch of decorative elements, and having an artwork or a painting can infuse that space with the energy and unique artistic creativity of each artist. Choose an artwork that you love most and resonate to your personality, just like you choose interior elements and accessories that will complement the artwork.