What are the future goals of the gallery?

Our goal is simple, to become a one-stop destination for luxury interiors need for all types of market. Senior's & millennials, interior designers & architects, homeowners & professionals. To be able to serve the demands of home furnishing needs. Constantly providing inspiration and bespoke pieces, which have been carefully curated from our travels all around the world.

How does artwork play a role in interior?

Artwork is perhaps, one of the most crucial components in Interior Design. For us, it elevates design value, characterizes a space, and most importantly, it can reflect its collector/homeowner’s life stories and/or personality. When you walk into a space which has artwork, it makes your decorating job easier- we visualize what furniture, lighting, and décor items that can be incorporated and what not. As different artwork
is known for its divergent use of materials and colors, and each artist carries their own signature style, artwork can characterize a space. For example, vivid and vibrant colors define eclectic interior, whereas soft colors complement more traditional settings. Or even, vice versa. Regardless of what artwork one chooses, each choice is personal, carries intrinsic value, and reflects its owner’s personality.