Islamic Arts 2020 - The Gift of Looking Inwards

The Gift of Looking Inwards: An Exhibition in reference to the lived reality of Islam in Indonesia


In creating an exhibition focusing on self-introspection, we could not separate the identity of Indonesian society from the lasting influence Islamic civilization has on it. In the same fashion, we also could not isolate Indonesia's character from Hindu-Buddhist, animistic, and colonial influences.


This theme was selected to explore the Indonesian Islamic culture in its practical form. In Indonesia, Islam is one of the significant religions that has lived amongst our people, adapted and transformed through thousands of years. Islamic art need not be of a specific stereotypical visual and medium; it is any art that is produced, inspired, and stems from life in a culturally Islamic population. The themes of these artworks discuss the virtue and world-view created from Islamic faith and cultural patterns. It also includes realistic self and societal critique.


The Gift of Looking Inwards poses self-inquisitive questions on how one reflects and interprets their faith in the context of today’s society; in the age of digital disruptions, economic changes, and moral uncertainty. The artworks in this exhibition express Islamic cultural and religious values that are experienced in the day to day reality of life in Indonesia. Featuring prominent and emerging artists such as Arahmaiani, A.D.Pirous, Agus Baqul, Ginanjar Yogie, Mujahidin Nurrahman, Patriot Mukmin, and Rispul.


This exhibition shows that we can find the light of Islam in our hearts, cultures, traditions, and natural environments all around us.  For more information visit Jakarta Land website at htt:// or visit their instagram page @wtc.jakarta